08 August 2014

Fantastic Fridays // 4

This Week's Fantastic Fridays is about my Fantastic sleepover.  I go to hang out with some of my best people-- here's a pic of us.

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(from left to right- Me, Emma, Laura, Andrea)

           I had so much hanging out and doing random things and being goofy and all-- it was just Fantastic ;)  I'm so glad that God has blessed me with such great friends.  Other than that I have been finishing up watching Foyle's War with my sister- The link goes to my review.  Anyway! That is super Fantastic because now it is starting to become the cold war and that is super duper interesting.  Oh- and one more thing.  They are coming out with a 9th season next year!  Something not too Fantastic is that I got a cold, but by today, it's just about gone.  That is Fantastic!  

So tell me!  What has been Fantastic about your past week?
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