14 August 2014

Fantastic Fridays // 5

This week has just a couple greatly Fantastic things.  The first and foremost of these is that we were able to get a Ford Explorer to replace our almost 20 year old minnie van (which just hit 300,000 miles!)  Our parents went to look at some Explorers after church last Sunday while we hung out with some friends.  They came to pick us up, and my Mom wasn't in the car.  Dad said she was at the antique car show around the corner and we were all like "uh-huh sure." She never goes to car shows alone ^.^  Then Mom drove up, and we were all like "yeah!  We knew it!"  God blessed us so much with (first) having a van which ran (and still runs) for an unrealistic time, and now with a new vehicle.

Secondly fantastic thing of the week is getting ready for my sister's open house tomorrow!  We had so much yardwork to do on these acres, and now because of the fantastic weather we've been having, most of it is done!  Also, Thursday night I was able to hang out with my sister, eat popcorn, drink chocolate milk, and watch a movie ^.^
What are some Fantastic things that have happened to you this week?

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  1. What a lovely photo. :)


  2. Oh my goodness! Did you take that photo?!? Man, you're so talented! This post was very fantastic!
    A fantastic thing that happened to me was seeing The Giver movie. :)

    1. Yes I did take it ^.^ Ooh! You saw The Giver? I love that book and really want to see the movie soon ^.^ How did you like the movie?



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