20 August 2014

You Know You Are ~ A Writer

          Yeah.  I'm not what most people think of as a writer.  I write blog posts and occasionaly get to writing some of a story I've been writing for a while... but mostly it's that I don't mind writing even a research paper.  I love creative writing- don't get me wrong.  I just am never able to get a full plot formed in my head- or at least enough to satisfy my brain.  Anyway- here are some things that make you Know You Are ~ A Writer

  1. You like to read and spend lots of your free time doing the said activity of writing
  2. Some people think you are weird for liking to read or write
  3. You write for fun, not just school
  4. You always think "Oh that's a good idea for a story" even if it never gets written down
  5. You take hours to write something and then decide it doesn't fit right
  6. Your favorite names are from literary works and also end up being a character in your story
  7. You've re-written one paragraph more than five times
  8. You criticize your own work more than anyone else.
  9. You automatically correct other people's grammer in your head while they talk (it's really bad here in Minnesota)
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What things make you a writer?
Have a wonderful day!
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  1. That is a perfect post to describe writers! I especially like the one when you think up great story ideas, but never get the time to write them down. Lol! I often correct my younger siblings grammar - it is HILARIOUS how many times I can say "Her bike, not she's!" :D

  2. Hi Katrina! I nominate you for a liebster award! Its over here-> http://weezasjournal.blogspot.com/2014/08/award.html

  3. Haha! You described me very well! ;) hehe

  4. You totally described me!
    Great post! :)



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