10 September 2014

Back to School Tips

          Today I have a couple of back to school tips!  If you are like me, notebooks are nicer to use than folders... However!  If all of your subjects have notbooks, where are you going to file all of your assignments/handouts?  I saw a friend use a file folder last year and I thought "what a great idea!"  Now, some of you may think, "well a lot of notebooks have a folder in them for loose papers, so why not just use those?"  I can explain.  I get so many handouts and loose papers that they end up bulging my notebooks, and then if they get picked up the wrong way then everything goes kaplut all over the floor.  And that was a super run on sentence.

          Secondly, have you ever tried to get off those notebook stickers and they leave glue all over the front?  I have, and on one of the said notebooks the glue would not leave even with goo gone.

I then took my pocket knife to it, and that worked.  You just have to be really careful when doing this so a. you don't cut yourself, and b. you don't cut the notebook.  You can also use a pearing knife if you don't have a flat pocket knife.  *note* You should wipe your knife on a napkin or tissue after every one or two swipes to remove the goo.

           Your notebook might look like this now... and that might not bee exactly what you want.  And it also might smell like a gross citrus goo gone and feel all oily.

           All you have to do now is scrub some dish soap on it with a dish scrubby and voila!  You have a clean notebook, that hopefully didn't get scratched like mine ;)

I also love pens.  Colored pens, and sparkly gel pens, and all the rest.  (my friends know me to have pens at all times as well.)  Of course because of this I always will need a case big enough for all these pens.  So what I did is, since I don't use make-up, I converted this cute make-up bag into my pen case.

And last but certainly not least I have my Every-thing-in-your-purse-pouch.  This is just a life saver.  Since I don't want to carry a purse and a backpack I can just throw this into my backpack and voila there's everything I need!  Here is a list of what I have in it:
Gum, cough drops, chapstick, coconut oil for moisterizer, burts bees hand salve (which I put on my temples if I have a headache), cream for bug bites, pencil refill lead, tea, a usb, an eraser pen, bobby pins and hair binders, and hand sanitizer.  

          Hope you enjoyed this!  And let me know what your favorite back to school tips are!

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  1. Lovely post. Great tips. :)


  2. Wow, I love posts like this! I am going to steal that "everything-in-my-purse-pouch" idea. I'm home schooled, so I don't need it for school (lol) but there has been many a time where I've had to put my purse in my knapsack to go somewhere! That is such a great idea! Thanks! =D

    Lovely post, by the way =) <3

    1. Thanks Jessica! I had a lot of fun making it!



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