06 September 2014

DIY Every-thing-in-your-purse Pouch

          I just finished my first week of school and also finally went back to school shopping.  I know.  After my first week of school.  However one thing that I wanted, but didn't want to buy, was (as I call it) an Every-thing-in-your-purse Pouch.  So I thought I would share with you today how I created this.  *note.  Read through the whole thing before you begin because I might be unclear on some things ^.^
          First of all you will need an empty coffee bean sack, an old pencil case (or zipper of you choice in size), and some fabric for the inside.

          What you need to do first is cut the large zipper out by taking a seam ripper and ripping out the threads every three stitches or so.  Then you measure the inside of the cloth by the length of your zipper.  As shown below.

          If you use some cloth from a piece of jean or the like, you will also have to rip the seam as shown below.  (Excuse me for the bad pictures... I took these in the evening when no more natural light was left).

         You will now have to pin the zipper to the cloth on one side only as shown below.  *Note: remember to fold your chosen inside lining over twice so that you cover the freying ends.  And prevent them from freying more!  That inside lining is going to go on the back of the zipper (as you can kind of see below).  Try to place it as close to the zipping part of the zipper as you can, but still with a little black left from some of the zipper cloth.  If what I'm saying makes no sense, please put a comment below and I will try to make some diagrams to help with anything that is unclear ^.^

          Here you see that you will want really small stitches going in a line, not right next to the zipping part of the zipper.  My stitches were probably around 1/3 of my thumb width... but I have big thumbs, so if you have small ones just make it half the width of your thumb ;)

          Okay.  So I just noticed that I didn't photograph any of the part where you put the gunny sack on... so!  I'll just try to explain to you what I did using the picture below as reference.  First of all you will need to measure the gunny sack by how big your inside lining is **with about two or so inches left over** because it will end up unravelling and any extra gunny sack is wonderful when that happens!  And also I don't think I mentioned this before but the inside lining, as well as the gunny sack outside go all the way around.  As in one piece of cloth makes the whole thing.  Anyway, you will want to fold the gunny sack over once so that it is only two or so inches longer than the lining cloth.  You should sew the gunny sack edges to the top of the zipper as close as you want to.  Just make sure that you are sewing through the edges of the inside lining to make a good firm edge.

          So!  That is a lot to do with out pictures.  I hope you can still do it though!  Okay so now you have a zipped up thingy with open sides!  What you have to do now (as seen in the above picture) is to fold those edges over in two tiny folds (making sure the ends of the gunny sack are all tucked in) and pin it!  Literally.  Not on Pinterest.  This part can get discouraging since the ends of the gunny sack just love to pop out.  All you need to do is have patience, and keep popping them back in.  Also you will have to sew along the outside of your fold...as seen below.  You will have to do this to make sure that those ends don't keep popping out!

          Now for the oh so wonderful zipper!  As you can see below I folded like... as you can see below =)  Anyway that would take a paragraph of explanation.  Anyway you'll want to do that on both sides ;)

          Once that is finished you have almost reached the end!  All that is left now is to sew the ends together and voila you'll have it.  Since we can't really do an inside out seam, I chose to just sew back and forth on the outside.  The picture below represents what I'm talking about ;)

          And now you should be finished!  Voila!  You have your own $0 (at least mine was... if you buy your meterials it might be a little more than that ;) ) Every-thing-in-your-purse-pouch!

          I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  If you have any questions just let me know in the comments or use the contact forum at the bottom of the page.  Thanks again for visiting!

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  1. How cute! I love it! Oh and I was wondering if you were still interested in joining Hand in Hand? :)

    1. Thank you Eve! Yes, I am still interested in joining ^.^


  2. I love how the pouch turned out! Your blog design is so pretty x


  3. This is such a neat DIY! Great tutorial. :)


  4. I love your blog!

    Danielle || daniellemarie101.blogspot.com

  5. This looks like a fun DIY! Nice post. :)
    Check out my blog? We can follow each other and swap buttons if you want. :) Let me know!

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    1. Thank you Sammie! If you would like to do an ad swap, check out my button page to learn how!


  6. Good tutorial, I'll try it
    Followed you on GFC <3



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