01 September 2014

Vintage Finds: 1960's Alarm Clock

          While cleaning out one of our storage rooms, my mom found this alarm clock.  I believe it was my grandma's and guessed it was from the 1960's.  When I looked it up most places said 60's-70's.  Anyway, it's in great condition with only a couple of scratches on the front plastic.  It works great, but the alarm is that horrible buzz.  I just thought I would share this find with you all because I found it really cool ^.^  Go free Vintage stuff wahoo!

So what do you think of 50's 60's style stuff?  Do you  have any really cool vintage stuff?  Let me know!

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  1. Really cool alarm clock, I love vintage things. :)


  2. I love vintage things! That is so cool. =)


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