13 December 2014

Christams Decor and Such

Hello Everyone!
Today I want to share my Christmas decorations with you!

The above penguin (it is a penguin!  Not an owl!) has a story.  I have not named him yet, but have been trying to decide if Winston, or William, or Archie... and I have other names.  We'll see!  Anywho!  Below is the first part of the story of my penguin.

Now that you have watched that touching commercial, you can hear about my penguin.  I saw this commercial with one of my bosses and a co-worker and a friend.  We were all really emotional about it (probably because in the middle of a stressy school environment it was what we needed).  Afterwards we all wanted a pet penguin.  And for Christmas, our boss bought us this penguin, which was almost as good as a real one.  She also knit the scarves which makes the whole thing 1,000x better!
Anyway, now that you have heard the touching story about my penguin, I will show you some pictures of my decorating!  I made paper snowflakes (you can never be too old to make these!)

One other amazing Christmas-y thing I was able to do was make peppermint bark!  This happened last Monday when Biology class was cancelled.

Then last Wednesday in the morning there was super gorgeous frost which I took a couple pictures of...

Then I took some "creative" styled pictures of the different decorations in my room... these are some paper lanterns:

I hope you all have a wonderful Weekend!
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  1. I love all of your decorations, especially your sweet little penguin. :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. lovely photos



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