06 February 2015

Fantastic Fridays // 11

I feel awful now!  I have not had a Fantastic Fridays post since October!
     I guess we can just jump right in!
First of all, I am officially going to Italy this May!  You people have no idea how excited I am... well maybe you do if you have never seen the ocean, never been on a plane, and all that other fun stuff and finally get to do all of it at once!  I'll be going not only to the main attraction towns (Rome, Venice, Florence) but also Sienna and San Gimignano!  Two super cute small towns that I cannot wait to get pictures of!  I'm going to go crazy over the cobblestone pathways and ancient buildings... and cheese... and gelato!
     Second Fantastic thing is that I was able to re-design this blog.  I had so much fun, and I'm actually happy with the way it looks ^.^ (I know, I know, it wasn't technically this week... but still.)
     I was able to do was spend the night at my sister's appartment.  We watched I Capture the Castle, which was... an okay movie.  It was, I suppose, amusing, although not really my favorite.  It was fun watching it with my sisters and a friend though!
     I also got to watch Fast Five again, for school (cool, right?) so that was fun!  I had to write an analysis about the implicit and explicit messages in it!  For this week we have to write about special effects in movies and their affects on people/media etc.  So I thought of either choosing Inception, or Virtigo to use as my "movie of choice" for examples... what do you guys think?  I've seen them both, and obviously Virtigo doesn't have CGI stuff, and Inception does, but it does use different effects which were groundbreaking in its time.

What's been fantastic about your week?  

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  1. You're going to Italy? That's so exciting! Italy seems like such an interesting place ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. Yes! I've always been fascinated with Italy-- there's just so much history, and it goes so far back! I'm super excited ^.^


  2. Wow! Have a great time at Italy ♥

    1. Thank you Emily! I'm planning on it :)



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