26 March 2015

Thank You & Merci.

     Wow.  I don't know how many of you remember to the beginning of last year when my blog was just opening up to the public.  I can't believe that its only been a year!  Anyway, when this change came about, most of my posts consisted of papers I had written for school-- book reports, alysises and such.  I still have some of these types of papers coming around once in a while, however when my blog grew, I posted pictures, recipes, and different tips I wish I had known before I figured them out by myself.  Now I am at 51 followers and counting!  Although the number might not seem that big for some people, to me it's crazy to think that that many people read my blog.  I am so glad I can share the life God gave me with you all, and hope you enjoy what comes out of my busy and sometimes not so adventurous life.  
Jeremiah 29:11 says, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."  Thank you so much for joining my blog and watching the adventures and such he has given me for my future.

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20 March 2015

Because of Spring

In honor of the first of day of spring 2015 I decided to share some of my Spring-y pictures of the year!  Enjoy!

I don't know about you, but to me spring is the best season ever!  I'm so excited to see the adventures I get to have this spring!  

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13 March 2015

How to Write Essays with Writer's Block

     How I write essays is a truely interesting process.  I don't mind writing, but I can't say I absolutely love or hate it because it really depends on what I am writing.  Essays, being something I write often in the school year, also have their ups and downs in my love/hate category.  First off it always takes me a super long time to figure out what I want to write, and then it goes longer from there.
     I thought today (with spring/springfever coming in and all) I would share some of my tips and tricks to writing essays easily and quickly.
     Getting prepared-
     When I start to write a paper I usually get a couple of things and a comfy window seat to write in.  I collect my writing notebook, a pencil, possibly a red pen (in case I want to underline important sentence or such), my iPod (for music/dictionary etc.), Water, some cut up fruit.  Okay, I realize water and cut-up fruit as well as the iPod are not must need things.  However, they help me since I always find myself needing a snack when I write (and water is always good).  You could also use your computer instead of an iPod, or a radio-- whatever works best for you!

The Writing Process-

  1. Mindmap - 
    Depending on the project I like to use mindmaps.  These are simple little "webs" of connecting thought.  I generally use these when I only have random thoughts in my brain, and I am trying to figure out how to connect them.
  2. Brainstorming -
    I cannot stress how important brainstorming is to me.  Seriously.  This is how the magic happens... although it is not very magical ;)  Depending on the subject I will either write down my thoughts in different bullet points, or in a specific research type essay I will write down a source's link, and then put bullet points of what I found interesting/what I want to go back to in that article.  Then when I write my essay I have all my sources, with what I want to find/quote right there on my brainstorming notebook page!
  3. Outline -
    Outlines, like brainstorming, are super important.  (yeah I know.  That's super obvious... you probably learned that you needed outlines when you were in 3rd grade writing reports about animals.)  What I like to do with my outline is to skip the introduction paragraph (unless I know what I'm writing for that) and go straight into my first body paragraph.  I usually look over my brainstorming page and try and figure out a rough structure for the paper.
  4. Writing-
    When I write I alway am very picky.  I cannot write not picky.  Still, my writing teacher tells us everyother week or so that we need to just write write write, and not be technical.  This does not work for me, however so I try hard to write without being picky so that I can just get my thoughts out.  
I hope this helps you all!  Let me know what helps you to write too!

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05 March 2015

On Striving for Perfection

     As humans we all strive.  We strive for peace.  We strive for prosperity.  We strive to be better.  We strive to love better.

     We strive for perfection.

     This striving is eternal, and no matter what we do, nothing can satisfy it except for faith.  Faith that Christ has saved us.  Faith that God sent him to do so.  And Faith that we are totally righteous in his sight if we accept his gift of righteousness through salvation.

     This faith however does not come easily.

     No matter what, we have a longing for perfection, that without Christ, will never be fulfilled.  Often we care more about outword appearances that those inside, and because of this, our inside begins to rot.

     We are like fruit, never to be read by our outward appearances, because too often the fruit which looks lovely on the outside, is deadly poisonous on the inside.

     I have found this to be so true with friends.  Especially those whom we seem to get along with so well, and yet when something goes wrong, trust fails, and the friendship falls apart.  Yet on the other hand, there are those who you think you would never become as close friends with because of some prior notion or pre-judgement, and the next thing you know, they are continually by your side.

     Laughing. Talking. Caring. Loving.

     Still, we believe all the lies told to us: lies about perfection, and meaningless objects making us greater.  We cast out what we have and chase after those things: things that will only make us hunger more for meaning in meaningless things.

     Paul points out in his letter to the Phillipians that, "Not that I have already obtained this [perfection]... but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own."

     Switchfoot, one of my favoritest (yes, favoritest) bands ever has a song called Blinding Light, which like all of their songs, is so encouraging.  Blinding Light, however, speaks to this generation: the generation being told all the lies about perfection and meaning.

     Here is Blinding Light.  Below, you can find a bit of the lyrics.

Hey girl, be yourself now
Don't believe what they told you to
Hey girl, be yourself now
Your skin's more than a pin-up suit
Hey girl, don't conform now
No one else's got soul like you
Hey girl, you're a strong one
But none of us are bulletproof

Deep down there's a hope inside
You got wings but you're scared to fly
Wake up, wake up

     We don't have to judge people from their outside; We don't have to judge ourselves either.  Instead, we must choose where we want perfection, and Strive for the inside beauty God has given each and every human.  A perfection which cannot be taken away.

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