24 April 2015

"There's You In Everything I Do"

In my last post I mentioned writing something about music.  So, since one of my main focuses in this post will be Country Music, I decided to make a country-ish collage :)  Anyway, here goes for the actualy post ;)

Music is a staple of life.  It has been a part of life since forever, and will continue to be a part until eternity.  But what really is music?  Is it simply the combination of singing and instruments?  Or is there something more to it?  Meaning?  A sense of nostalgia?

Music is more than just a talented voice or a fun beat.  It speaks to the soul in more ways that a person could imagine.

Often times I will like a song solely for its tune-- not that this is wrong!-- all I am saying is a lot of the time I won't pay attention to the lyrics, and then become desensitized to what I am hearing.

One example would be Bastille's songs.  Their music is really interesting, however, after listening closely to the lyrics I noticed how depressing many of their songs are.  Imagine Dragons on the other hand has both upbeat and meaningful lyrics in their songs.

A favorite song of theirs is I Bet My Life-- yes, it is pretty popular right now, but for a reason!  At first it sounded like a love story, but I read somewhere that the lead singer wrote it as a tribute to his parents.

"There's you in everything I do"

When we grow up, the influences around us impact us more than we know.  And with something as influential as music, we have to watch what we let influence, because we are going to see it in ourselves-- and it will become a reflection of who we are.

So what about country music?  What's so bad about it?  Or what's so good?  I used to hate it because it always sounded either like the person's life was ending-- their girl left them, their Chevy truck broke down, or got stuck in the mud, or their dog just died.  I believed this strongly until this year when not only my brother continually listened to Country, but also my best friend.  Literally, she almost exclusively listens to Country... and since we shared music in study hall, I slowly began to like country music more, and it became more of a part of me.

So what am I saying?  That everything we watch or listen to has to have an anylised meaning?  No, although if it does have meaning-- Walk the Moon's new popular song "Shut up and Dance with Me" doesn't necessarily have a deep meaning.  Yet, it is a fun song, that will not drag us down spiritually either.  

Here is a list of some of my favorite songs, by category :)
And believe me, if you start listening to country... you just might get hooked!

Country                                                              Pop/Alternative/Whatever You Want to Call It
Life is a highway || Rascall Flatts                       Polaroid || Imagine Dragons
I love this life || LoCash Cowboys                        Budapest || George Ezra
Why don't we just dance || Josh Turner               Thinking outloud || Ed Sheeran
Country || Mo Pitney                                          Haven't met you yet || Michael Buble 

Also, if you are interested, some of my favorite artists include, Swtichfoot, Coldplay, OneRepublic,

So what are your favorite songs/artists?  And, what are your thoughts on Country?

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16 April 2015

Lately // Mask Making and Other Such Adventures

Making: A Mask in class to represent Venice.
Listening: To Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors and more country music.  I used to absolutely hate it, but since my best friend listens to it non stop, and my brother listens to it all the time, I started to like it a lot more. This makes me want to write a post about my favorite music lately...
Eating: Salads.  Because we have stuff for them!
Watching: Elementary.  It's a re-make of Sherlock, and it's pretty good.  Plus I don't have to pay super attention to it, so I can watch it and get other stuff done at the same time.  And that makes me happy.
Loving:  My new Sperry Top-sider shoes! I've only worn them three times, and they are breaking in wonderfully.  If you clicked the link to look at them, just know that they look way better in person, and on someone's feet.
Wanting:  To be done with school and in Italy already!
Photographing: This gorgeous world in this gorgeous weather.
Reading: Katie at The Goodness Revolt's post.  Click the link and read her post.  It's beautiful.

So right now I think I am going to end up writing that blog post about music.  What do you think?
Also, what have you been doing lately?

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