20 May 2015

Adventures Abroad // Italy & Its Wonders

Well.  I went on a trip-- something I like to call an adventure.  I traveled with a group through Rome, Assisi, Florence, Venice, and more!  It was such a great experience, and a wonderful, fun, and crazy time that I will never ever forget.  And... I think I left my heart in Florence.  Here are some -- lots -- of pictures from my trip.

Gelato is the best.

Cause why not take pictures of shoes on cobblestones in Rome?

Everyone-- yes, literally everyone -- drives mopeds, bikes, or tiny cars.

Pantheon Dome

Outside of the Pantheon

Pigeons (otherwise known by our group as dirty doves or Rome's flying rats) were everywhere.

So many amazing doors

And so many amazing cathedrals with candals calling to be photographed.

And random gates with cool designs

From the top of the Spanish Steps-- the view was fantastic

Michelangelo's Pieta

yumyumyum Italian Pizza.

We saw tons of these... or rather one in Rome, eight on our drive to Assisi (they must have been friends traveling together... I wish I could have joined them ;) and one in Florence!

In case you didn't know, S.P.Q.R. stands (in latin) for the Senate and the People of Rome-- it was all over the man hole covers and gates and trash cans of Rome 

Michelangelo's Moses

Inside the Colosseum

... when I try to be really artsy, tourists with their weird hats get in the picture.

Random daisy (ft. Arch of Titus)

Arch of Septimus Severus 

This has to be one of my all time favorite pictures from the trip-- and the colossuem without millions of people around it was pretty great too!

St. Peter's Basilica at night was breathtaking.

Italian Countryside speaks for itself.


Small streets and medieval walkways <3

How would you like to live on a hill?

Okay, I don't think anyone would mind having these gorgeous flowers as wild flowers.

I'll miss the streets -- just not the crazy hills.

Wishing wells-- or just wells that people threw euros into ;)

Smallest window in the world (thank you midieval times people in Siena!)
Can you find it?

Just because I like taking pictures of random things like pegs on brick walls.

Don't ask.  Apparently they just don't want bikes in their restaurant?

World famous gelato from San Gimignano anyone?

Because why not put another angle on leaning tower?

One of Michelangelo's Slaves

Michelangelo's other Pieta

Hello Florence, my favorite place ever!

Alfa romeo 
Series 2 Spider 2000 Veloce
// seen in the Florence view  parking lot \\

// also seen in the Florence view parking lot \\
Hello to another Ferrari!

So proud of this one-- I was walking while I shot it ^.^

Piti Palace Vines

Part of the Costume Gallery at the Piti Palace

Yes.  Another random doorknob.  
(Also at the Piti Palace)

We also went to the Boboli gardens, however we weren't alowed to see much of them since Tom Hanks and co were filming scenes from the upcoming "Inferno".  Sadly, non of us were able to get close enough to take pictures... the gaurds were pretty strict about that.

Bridge of Sighs, Venice

Talk about coolest stairway in the world!

Rialto Market

A group of us had gotten so tired of not having fruits and veggies, we bough peaches and strawberries and ate them next to the Grand Canal.

I really can't believe I went to Italy and am back already.  My time there was such a blessing, and I am so glad I was able to have this little adventure.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  I know I had tons of fun taking them ^.^
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  1. These pictures are amazing! They make me feel like I too walked the street of Italy! Plus, they put Italy on my long list of countries to visit if I ever go to Europe!

    1. Thanks so much Hannah! If you ever get the chance, defenitely go to Italy-- not just Rome and the big cities though. You also need to check out little small towns. But you probably already knew that ^.^


  2. Oh my this is amazing!! We have teh opportunity to go to Italyfor our History course at uni (college). These photos have made me decide to definately go! xD

    1. Yes! You are going to have such a great time. The Italians (as long as they aren't trying to sell you something in a shop...) are really great people as well!


  3. Oh, Italy. Such a beautiful place. You took such lovely photos, Katrina!

    1. Awww thank you Hannah! My pictures barely describe the wonders we found there ^.^


  4. I went to Italy a couple of years ago. It's such an amazing place, and seeing your photos make my heart ache just a little.
    How could you not have fun in Italy :)

    1. Yes, I already miss it! Looking at my own pictures makes me want to go back already!


  5. I really want to go to Italy!!! Your photos are wonderful :)


  6. I loved all of the pictures so much!!!

  7. Wow, it looks amazing there! I love all of your photos. I would love to go to Italy ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Please do go if you ever get the chance! You will love it!


  8. Ohh Lovely photos <3

    1. Thank you so much Lolivlet!


  9. These are such lovely photos! (And that food looks DELICIOUS :)) I've always wanted to go to Italy! xoxo

    1. Thanks so very much Arushee!

      ~ Katrina


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