15 June 2015

DIY Cute Match Box

Have you ever wanted to light candles in your room?  I know I have, and because I like to light them quite often, I ended up keeping some matches in my room.  However, while I was re-organizing my dressers and desk, I thought "Why not have a cute matchbox?  It can't be that hard"-- and it isn't!  Here is a step by step, with pictures tutorial on how to make a cute matchbox for your room.

Begin with a box that fits normal sized matches-- I used a Kohls necklace box since it is a cute size, and fits my matches perfectly.

Take a piece of double sided tape (or tacky glue if you prefer-- I used the tape so my paper wouldn't bubble)

And cute your piece of tape in half.  You'll have to do this for pretty much all of the tape so that you don't use as much.

Then stick the tape like so, on all the corners of the lid...

Here you see the lid-- with a lot of tape on the edges.  You don't need to use this much, although if you don't want the paper to have a ton of air bubbles underneath, you may want to.

Do the same to the base, and tape is as shown above-- one piece on the top center, and one on each corner.

Then you have to measure out your paper.  I used some scrapes from some paper I got in Italy, and simply put the lid on the underside of the paper, and made little marks for the corners.  I then took the covering off of the tape, and placed the lid face-down on top of the paper.  Then I took the sides of the paper and stuck them to the sides of the box...

And it looked something like this.  

I then took some tape and taped those corners down.

The only part different for the base compared to the lid was these corners-- I had to put a little tape inside the corner so that it would not open up.

I then took some sides of an old empty matchbox I had, and taped them to the bottom ends of my box, and... Voila!  I was finished!

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