29 August 2016

Quiet Before the Storm

It looks like I've gotten into a weird once-every-two-months blog posting routine.  Oh well--life is busy and as I have one week before my college in high school experiene begins, I decided I should write about this quiet before the storm.
Having only two more years of high school is down right scary.  But it's things like this that test our faith, or at least my faith.  I often forget how easy I have it in this life of mine.  Yeah, I complain and groan about doing dishes or having to feed the cows (as much as I love them, I'm still selfish like that).  I get annoyed when people get excited about working when I am not.  And again I grumble and moan and complain.
Then I realize.  I've got it so easy.
This life of mine.  Man, I'm blessed.
I've got a lovely mom and dad.  I've got living and working grandparents whom I can visit and learn from and laugh with and love.  I've got siblings who are amazing--as much as I don't tell them.
I've got one smooth ride.
Still, in my awful untrusting I become scared. I forget that I've also got a God.  A saviour.  A friend who is way better than anyone I know or could meet.
It's times like these that I sit. Shocked at myself for forgetting that He's got a plan, and I don't need to worry about my life because He knows what's up.  He knows what I need and don't need.  Yeah-- a new car?  Nope.  I can get by with that 20 year old one with tranny issues.  It's wheels, and that's what I need.  Friends?  Yeah, I don't need a ton, so God has put the right people in my life as friends no matter their age.
I remember the often thought cliché, but oh so true verse, 
"I can do all through Christ who Strengthens me"
Phillippians 4:13
Yeah.  This life can be scary.  But that's 'cause we've all got tunnel vision.  We can't imagine or try to believe what God has planned.  We simply look ahead at the things presented to us at the moment and freak out.  'Cause with our tunnel vision, we can't see God.  We can't see what miracles he's working on the side.  
And it's times like these that I realize how utterly selfish I am and how much I forget to thank those around me for being there when I need them.  For showing me Christ-likeness in its fullest form.  For showing me what it means to be a Christian.
And times like these I hope and pray for strength to get through those freak out moments.
Times like these I know-- God has got a plan.  A great and wonderful plan, and I'm just here to be his person, and I've gotta trust like never before, that he's got me in his hand. 
Maybe not shielding me from the storm, but showing me how to survive.

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