01 January 2017

Top 3 Underrated Black and White Comedies

Happy New Year!
It seems like I have been neglecting this blog quite a bit lately.  However, since I am currently on Winter Break, I decided to write up a quick post.

          Most people who like older films may know that it can be difficult to find ones that are just as good (or better) than classics such as "It's a Wonderful Life" or "North by Northwest."  Although these films are great, there are quite a few black and white movies which never were called "Classics."  I thought I would share a few of these with you, and maybe, even if you do not usually enjoy black and white films, you will find yourself searching the library or internet for these obscure, yet wonderful movies.  So here they are---in no particular order.

1.  It's a Wonderful World, 1939

Not to be confused with "It's a Wonderful Life," this film stars Jimmy Stewart, and is one of the funniest movies that ever came out of the 1930s.

2.  The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, 1947

Being his usual charming self, Cary Grant plays an infamous artist who becomes the knight-in-shining-armor crush of a Teenage Shirley Temple.  This film containts scene after scene of ostentatious humor which will make anyone laugh.

3. The Major and the Minor, 1942

Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland star in this Comedy which documents Susan Applegate's trip home to Iowa from her short-lived life in New York.  Trust me.  This is a must-see.

I really hope you take the time to see these movies.  They are some of the best clean-humor films I have seen, and I actually own two of them!

Blessings on the New Year!

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