About Me

          I (Katrina) created Adventures and Such in 2012 when I wanted to share pictures and random stories with friends and family.  Over the years however I began to enjoy writing reviews on movies, books, and programs that I find useful, and now I use this blog as an outlet for these reviews, my pictures from adventures I have, as well as a few recipes and DIYs here and there.

          Now!  I'll tell you about myself (since this is the About Me page ^.^) -- I am a 16 year old girl living on a 40 acre farm in the undeciding weather of the upper midwest of the United States.  I love books, music--lots of different kinds of music (pop, alternative, folk, soundtracks, acapella), Caribou Coffee-- the best chain coffee shop ever!, rainy days (including thunderstorms--as long as I'm inside), movies-- some favorites date back to the 40s' ^.^, photography, Trader Joe's!, vintage stuffs (especially old books),  and arts/crafts (not the 5 year old elmers glue type), and my cat (the only one I can tolerate) ^.^
         I also contribute to A Hand in Hand, and Pebbles + Peaches
         If you're wondering about the name of my blog (Trina's Adventures and Such) I can tell you.  First of all, when I created my blog I wanted a fun name that I could keep and not worry about changning.  While searching for an intruiging name, I kept thinking of a Whinnie the Pooh binder I had that read, "Adventures and Such" on the front.  I thought it was short enough and all, and so I picked it (from the group of 0 ideas...) and added my nick-name "Trina" to the link address.
          All photography on this blog is original unless I state otherwise with a link to the source.  Any Pictures taken before July 13, 2014 were taken either with my Canon Powershot A2200, my brother's Canon SX10 IS, or my sister's Canon EOS Rebel T3i as well.  Any pictures taken after July 13, 2014 are taken with my Canon EOS Rebel t3i unless otherwise stated.
          One last thing.  I do not just write for myself.  My wish is that through this blog I can share the love of Jesus my Savior, in  my inspirations and thoughts.  To this day Adventures and Such remains my outlet to share my thoughts on things I discover in life.  I hope you enjoy my blog, and tell others about me!

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